Best 8 Bread Maker For Healthy And Delicious Bread

Just put everything in the machine and push a button and after some time, the bread is done and fresh, and best of all, you know the ingredients, and it is healthy compared to some of the ready bread out there. 

However, having a bread maker machine at home means you will have to ensure that you entirely use the machine all the time. Using it once a week might not justify getting one or your family members not in favour of eating bread. 

How to choose the bread maker machine?

Delay timer, auto dispenser, preset-program, capacity, electricity savings are some of the features you might want to consider when purchasing a bread maker. 

Delay timer ensures that you can get the item ready much earlier, while you sleep or do some vital task outside, the machines will be able to start making the bread, and you can have a nice freshly baked bread when you wake up in the morning and come back home. Standards delay timers are from 12 to 15 hours.

Auto dispensers make sure that the topping or flavour will be added when the time is right. YOu would not want to add those items too early. Preset-programs feature is essential as you do not need to set up the bread maker every time.

If you have a decent size family such as five members or more, you might need to consider a more significant bread maker than a smaller capacity. Electricity saving features will ensure that the machine power is cut off once the bread is ready and you will not be shocked with high electric utility bills at the end of the month. 

How much will a bread maker cost?

The average price for bread makers in Malaysia starts as low as RM209 for an essential yet famous bread maker in Malaysia, to more than a thousand ringgit or more if you need lots of features on the machine.

Will bread made from a bread maker be better than bought in-store?

The answer is YES. The main reason is that you can control the ingredients and ensure that it is healthy compared to some of the bread made to last. You will not know the quality of the ingredients or additional flavour or addictive added onto the bread to make it more crunchy or delicious, or to last. 

Bread Maker

How long can bread made by a bread maker last?

Average of 3-4 days for bread made from bread maker compared to shelf-ready bread that some can last up to 7 – 10 days. If you keep the bread refrigerated, it might give extra 1-2 days to consume. 

Best 8 Bread Maker 

8. Khind Bread Maker BM500

THis Khind bread maker is another simple yet good bread maker in the market. Khind Bread maker comes with 12 baking functions for easy baking. It comes with a power interruptions backup system to ensure energy savings when not in use after 15 minutes. 

This bread maker comes in 2 lovely colours – white and pink. Believe it or not, pink colours were sold out because it is quite unusual for electric appliances to have such colour. 


  • 12 baking functions
  • 15 minutes power interruption backup system
  • Light and Dark Crust settings
  • 2 Loaf Size Selection
  • 15 hours delay timer

This bread maker is another option for an affordable and straightforward bread maker if your budget is limited for a bread maker. 

7. PerySmith Bread MakerEcohealth Series PS3500

Smart overheat protection in this machine is a cool feature to brag about as it will control the heat so that the machine will not overheat in this bread maker. This bread maker is equipped with a twin kneading blade structure for optimal dough result. 

With it’s 15 preset programs, you will have almost all the setting cover for bread making. The 60 minutes keep warm functions is helpful to keep the bread fresh and soft. It has energy-saving functions where the shut down after 15 minutes when not in use. Lastly, check out the immense capacity to make bread enough for families of up to 8 people. 


  • (XL Size) 3.0LB extra-large capacity
  • Twin kneading blade structure for optimal dough result
  • 3 loaf size selection (1kg/1.25kg/1.5kg)
  • 3 crust control selection (Light/Medium/Dark)
  • 15 easy preset program
  • 15 hours programmable delay timer
  • 60 minutes keep warm function
  • 15 minutes of memory power interruption protection
  • Stick coating inner pot
  • Smart overheat protection

Suitable for large families due to the large capacity and also keep warm functions. The twin kneading blade for mixture and ensuring the dough’s elasticity is perfect for the bread you are making. 

6. Tesco Bread Maker BM1333

Tesco bread maker is the most basic and most affordable in the market, but it provides what a bread maker should provide. It has the memory functions with 10 minutes of electric power cut off feature that saves you electricity bills. 

The standard feature of delay time for a bread maker in this machine is 13 hours. The fully auto process control bread-making features make sure that you do not need to worry on adding the topping as it will dispense the topping automatically and evenly.


  • 10 Minutes Electric Power Cut Off
  • Memory Function
  • 60 Minutes Warm-Keeping
  • 13 Hours Programmable Delay Timer
  • Full Auto Process Control Bread Making

If you are looking for a primary bread maker, Tesco offers the cheapest bread maker with basic bread maker features that you can enjoy. 

5. Trio Bread Maker TBM-222

This large capacity trio bread maker main feature is the twin-blade structure designed to provide high-frequency kneading for even mixture and elastic dough result. It is also suitable for a large family with a large capacity design.

Twin viewing windows allow you to check the bread’s progress and with three crust settings to ensure the bread’s colour is to your liking. It has the 10-15 minutes power cut-off timer for electricity savings with the memory functions. The detachable inner non-stick pot makes it easy for you to clean the pot.


  • Large Capacity
  • Twin Blade Structure
  • Twin Viewing Window
  • 15 Digital programs
  • 15 hours delay timer
  • Detachable Inner Non-stock pot

This machine’s twin blade has the advantages as the dough needs to be evenly mixed for a loaf of tasty bread. It’s twin viewing windows also have the advantages of checking the progress of the bread.

4. Philips Bream Maker HD9015

Philips Bread Maker equipped with an advanced temperature control system lets you enjoy the bread the way you like it whether light, medium or dark with a simple push of the control panel. 

Enjoy the irresistible smell of fresh warm bread every morning-a real treat and the perfect way to start the day! Just set the delay timer the night before, and the bread maker will prepare or bake your bread while you sleep, allowing you to eat freshly baked bread the moment you wake up or anytime.

The Philips bread maker has 12 easy-to-use preset programs that can bake any bread to perfection, from rich and satisfying whole wheat to gluten-free, French and sweet varieties. It can also make delicious dough for pasta and even jam. No matter what you bake, it is always delicious and easy to make, because the preset considers temperature and time to achieve the best results. If you are in a hurry, you can use the fast program to get faster results or even use the super-fast program that bakes in only one hour.

The silent operation feature is popular as you will not be disturbed by the operating machine in the morning or night. 


  • 13 hours delay timer
  • 3 Browning Level control
  • 12 easy preset program
  • Easy Cleaning detachable lid
  • Silent Operation

You will like the bread maker’s silent operating features, and three browning level controls that you can set to ensure the bread is at the right tone.

3. Russell Taylor Bread Maker BM-10

Rusell Taylor BM-10 Bread Maker is equipped with a three crust setting to ensure that the bread will be the colour tone you would like it to be. You can also choose the size to make the bread according to the number of people. 1Lb, 1.5Lb and 2Lb size for 1-3 people, 3-5 people and 5-8 people respectively. 

Its large LCD allows you to view the setting on the screen and a viewing window allows you to check the progress. Sixty minutes of warm features allow you to keep the bread in the machines in a warm and ready state all the time. 


  • 12 Programs / 19 settings
  • 60 minutes Keep Warm
  • 15 Hours Delay Timer
  • Memory Functions
  • 3 Crust Setting
  • Non-stick inner pot
  • Large LCD Display

This machine allows you to choose the size from small to a more prominent family up to approximately eight people. YOu can keep the item warm for up to 60 minutes and ensure that the bread is fresh and soft when you are ready to enjoy it.

2. Kenwood Breadmaker BM450

This breadmaker is suitable for experts, learners or beginners in bread making. The bread machine provides excellent baking performance and versatility. This bread machine is equipped with a convection fan, which can control the temperature to achieve uniform baking, and has a fast baking function, finishing baking and preparing the bread in one hour. BM450 has a wide range of procedures and automatic batching and distribution systems. It has a 58-minute fast baking function, 15 standard baking programs and another five baking programs that you can set by yourself, and you can time each baking stage (preheating, kneading, rising and baking).

The BM450 bread machine has many additional functions to help you make more kinds of bread. A 125g batches will automatically open and add ingredients at the right time. The fan-assisted baking system can ensure uniform baking temperature. Besides, you have a 15-hour delay timer that allows you to bake bread in time when you wake up or go home in the morning.


  • 15 hours of digital timer
  • 15 baking programs
  • Touch Sensitive Control Button
  • Viewing Window
  • Stylish Design
  • Rapid Bake
  • Temperature Control Fan

This bread maker machine has a stylish outlook, and your kitchen will look great with this machine. The rapid bake is a feature you need to have to save time when baking.

1. Panasonic SD-P104 Bread Maker 13 

It almost automatically produces bread in this machine! That’s what many housewives’s saying. Put everything you need to make bread and press a button and wait for it to get ready. It mixes, kneads, proofs and baked bread according to your desired taste. Completes with a few features such as temperature sensor, auto yeast dispenser, raisin nut dispenser, crust colour control & 13 menus to make your job easier.

Yeast dispenser is like a professional chef, and it drops the yeast at the right time to ensure that the bread is proof and pleasant to eat. 

The raisin nut dispenser dispenses topping or flavour topping such as chopped nuts, raisins, cereals and nuts on top and evenly distributed on the bread. Temperature sensors automatically adjust each process’s temperature according to the ambient temperature, thus ensuring that each program’s timing is the same regardless of the conditions of the temperature.


  • Temperature sensor
  • Auto yeast dispenser
  • Raisin nut dispenser
  • Crust colour control
  • 13-hour digital timer
  • 13 menus

Once you have this bread maker machine, it is effortless to make bread even for a beginner. And it also saves time for those who are busy all the time.

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