Best 9 Ceiling Fans for Cooler Environment in Malaysia

Ceiling Fan in Malaysia is popular. This is due to the tropical weather that we have. A ceiling fan is also popular because it saves space compared to a table fan or stands fan. However, a ceiling fan is also part of the interior design for many people these days. It needs to be able to make the environment cooler and at the same time look nice for the room interiors design.

Some of the ceiling fans include a light that you only need to buy one item for both usages of light and fan. People who have space issues or socket issues might want to consider these types of ceiling fans with light.

Technologies also play an important part in making the ceiling these days look modern and full of features, you might be able to control the fans even if you are not in the house. 

How many blades does the ceiling have?

Generally 3, up to a maximum of 8 blades. Some people will think that the more blades mean the better the ceiling fan will be. Apart from the number of blades, the design, shape, and also length also plan an important part in the performance of the ceiling fans. 

Which is the best length for ceiling fans?

Many of us are having trouble deciding which size ceiling fan to buy.  There is a lot of contradicting information on the Internet. The rules have changed drastically over the past few years as a wider range of ceiling fans has been made available for residential use. There were only three sizes in the past: the 42″ and 48″ fans, while the 52″ fan was the most popular.

Manufacturers now make residential ceiling fans in sizes up to 60″, 72″, 84″, and 99″. The most popular size is 60″. There is a growing trend to use larger fans in smaller spaces. 

Below is a general guide for getting the most suitable blade length for your room.

  • Room 6’ x 6’ – 24 – 36”
  • Room 10’ x 10’ – 37 – 48”
  • Room 12’ x 12 – 49” – 56”
  • Room 15’ x 15’ – 60” – 72” 
  • Room > 15’ – 73 – 120” 

Is it the bigger the length the better for the ceiling fan?

The fan’s main cooling effect is the air column that extends about 2 feet beyond the blades. The breeze is much less effective outside of this air column. It is therefore important to choose the right fan size to feel the breeze. A fan should not be placed directly above the seating area. You may need a larger fan if the fan is farther away from the seating area. The blade tips should be closer to the area you want to feel the breeze. If the size of your room is between the two sizes, then “Bigger is better”.

Can I install a big ceiling fan in a small room?

It is up to you whether a fan looks too big. Technically speaking, as long the fan blades are not more than 30 inches from the nearest wall, it is possible to install a fan that is very large in the space. Today’s ceiling fan manufacturers are big on the trend and now there are many fans that measure well over 60″. This is because bigger fans produce more air.

Are Higher CFMs Better for ceiling fans?

CFM (cubic feet of airflow per minute) is a good thing to look into. However, it is important to understand how CFM correlates with blade span. People assume that a fan that produces 10,000 CFM or more will cool people off better than a fan that is smaller, such as a 72″ to96″ fan. This is unlikely to be true. CFM refers to the amount of air that has been displaced. It is not a measure or speed of the air moving.

Wind speed

The wind speed is what creates the breeze, or wind-chill effect, that makes you feel cooler. Although larger fans move air more quickly, this does not necessarily mean they move air faster. The actual wind speed could be slower than you think. A 52-inch fan with 7,000 CFM will produce a stronger breeze than a 96-inch fan with the same CFM. The smaller fan moves the air at a higher speed but in a concentrated area. The fan with a greater area of air movement is at a slower speed.

We are confident that you won’t be disappointed. Our “Wind Speed Factor” and Breeze Ratings can be compared between smaller fans to give you a better idea of how much breeze you get. Wind speed factor, which is our unique calculation, is a relationship between CFM (CFM) and blade span. Two smaller fans with a higher Wind Speed Factor will usually outperform one large fan. If you are unable to install two fans, you should choose the largest fan that you can see and has the highest “Wind Speed Factor”. An acceptable wind speed is between 3.5 and 4 MPH.

What length of downrod do I need?

As a general rule, residential ceiling fans must be installed at least 7 feet above the floor. This height is important for safety and performance. The stronger the breeze, the closer you are to it. For maximum performance, you should lower your fan to the lowest height possible (84″)

However, if your ceilings are very high, it may be difficult to hang the fan that low. In this case, you will need to compromise on the fan’s performance. Although there is no set rule as to what this compromise should be, we suggest that you allow for a 10% reduction in performance for each foot above 84″. This is just an estimate. However, it might help you understand why your fan is not hanging low enough.

Ceiling fans are usually equipped with a downrod, which allows you to hang them from ceilings up to 8-9 feet high. If your ceiling is less than 8 feet high, some fans include flush mount hardware. If your ceiling is extremely high (over 15 feet), the fan can be dropped down by connecting two downloads using a downrod coupler. These downrod couplers are limited in availability and only available by certain brands. If you have high ceilings, we will be happy to help you determine which fans you can use.

Below is the general downrod guide for installing a ceiling fan:-

Ceiling Height 8 – 9’ – Use downrod included.

  • Ceiling Height 10’ – 12” – 18”
  • Ceiling Height 11’ – 18” – 24”
  • Ceiling Height 12’ – 24” – 36” 
  • Ceiling Height 13’ – 36” – 48”
  • Ceiling Height 14’ – 48” – 60”
  • Ceiling Height 15’ – 72” or more

Now you have a better understanding of the basics of the fan blades, wind speed, and downrod length recommendation base on the size, heigh, and many other important factors,  We will look at the best ceiling fan in Malaysia here:-

Best 9 Ceiling Fan

9. Elmark 52” Ceiling Fan SpitFire246

Elmark designs a lot of ceiling fans and for various types of interior. This Elmark ceiling fan is among the most popular due to a few reasons. This fan has 3-speed controls. Equipped with 5 ABS blades that can create a breeze that could help to cool the room. The design for this model is suitable for most interior design concepts. And due to the price being not high, it became one of the most popular models.

The blade is designed for high airflow. It also comes with a 3 timer of 1,3 & 6 hours which is standard for most ceiling fans. 


  • 3 speed
  • 1,3 & 6 hour timer
  • Full Function Remote Control
  • Reasonable price
  • High Air-flow Blade
  • Modern design

8. Rubine Able ACF-A1056P-5B-MB Ceiling Fan 56″

Equipped with a super small size motor at 188mm that is specially crafted for durability and performance. Even with such a good performance small size motor, this Rubine ceiling fan is a silent motor. Rubine ceiling fan was designed with an aerodynamics ABS blade design that is sleek and stylish. 

Its dust-free material for fan housing makes it among the favorite fan as it helps to reduce the amount of dust and you would not need to clean it often compared to other models. Rubine ceiling fan equipped with 4 speed and 3 timers of 1,3 & 6 hours. It also comes with remote control.


  • Silent operation motor
  • Aerodynamic ABS Blade
  • 4 Speed
  • 3 Timer 1,3 & 6 hours.
  • Dust free fan housing

7. Sharp 5 Blade Ceiling Fan With Remote Control (56”) PJC116BK

When it operating in normal mode, Sharp Wafu fans PJC116BK provide a strong and constant breeze while maximizing air circulation. With a reliable DC motor that delivers greater energy savings and optimal airflow for a quieter performance.

Its sleek and stylish design suits most modern homes. These sharp ceiling fans includes come standard with a handy remote control that allows you to operate the fan from almost anywhere in the room. Equipped with 3 speed and the blade is made from ABS polymer.


  • Energy Saving
  • Remote Control
  • Modern & Sleek design
  • Silent performance
  • 3 fan speed

6. Khind Ceiling Fan With Regulator CF615 / CF608

Khind ceiling provides the most basic yet performance ceiling fan. This model is among the cheapest on this list but is popular among consumers. Khind CF615 / CF 608 model does not come with remote control. Some might think it is a bit not convenient if you install this in your house. 

This Khind fan comes with 3 blades. It comes in 2 colors – black or white color for your to choose from. The diameter for this ceiling fan is 60” / 152cm. The blade is made of metal and powder-coated to ensure long-lasting usage. This fan includes the safety thermal fuse and also an extra safety cable for safety protection. 


  • Powder Coated Fan Blade for long-lasting
  • Metal Blade
  • Safety Thermal Fuse
  • Ball Bearing motor
  • Extra Safety Cable

5. KDK Ceiling Fan Z Series K14YZ-PBR / K14YZ-GY 5 Blades

This is the middle range of the Popular with its silent features and 5 blades that provide a smooth air breeze in the room. The total diameter for this ceiling fan is 56” / 140cm in length. It comes in 2 colors – brown or grey. Apart from this 5 blade ceiling fan. Z Series actually has also a 4-blades ceiling fan that you can consider. 

The design is also very nice and modern for those who love want to have a modern design look ceiling fan. 


  • Silent operation
  • 3 preset speed
  • 3 preset timer
  • 2 colors
  • Modern design

4. Deka Ceiling Fan F5P

Deka is a popular and established Malaysian brand in the ceiling fan industry. Most of their ceiling fan is a reasonable price and the design is still very modern and amazing. 

Deka ceiling fan F5P has was designed with 5 blades and 56 inches in diameter to create more breeze in the room. It includes a remote control with 1,3 6 hours of timer for selections. It also comes with 3 fan speeds for selections. Its A.B.S polymer design blade is long-lasting and looks modern. Among the most popular basic ceiling fan. 


  • Cheap
  • 1,3 & 6 hours timer
  • 3 fan speed
  • Slim remote control
  • A.B.S Polymer design blade

3. Panasonic BAYU 5-Blade Ceiling Fan (56″) F-M14DZVBKH / F-M14DZVBWH

Panasonic BAYU 5-Blade ceiling fan offers a new and cooling experience to the users. Panasonic BAYU 5-Blade ceiling fans provide the user with a natural breeze and comfortable temperature management. And, best of all, the color black or white is suitable for any internal decor. 

Panasonic ceiling fans come with enhanced safety technology that includes the safety wired internally for the prevention of falling, and their latest safe fuse technology prevents the motor overheating issue.

One of the talk-about features in this Panasonic ceiling is the sleep mode function where it gradually reduces the speed of the fan according to the time setting, thus ensuring that you have a comfortable and good night’s sleep. This feature not only creates an optimal sleeping environment but also helps and improves energy savings.


  • 5-blade design
  • Enhanced safety features
  • 3 preset speed functions
  • 1,3,6 hours off timer
  • 3,6 hours sleep timer
  • Easy and simple remote control usage
  • Available in 2 easy match colors: Black or white

2. KDK Ceiling Fan 3-Blades K14Y2-PBR / K14Y2

KDK is a very established and popular household brand for ceiling fans. Most people in Malaysia will consider their brand when they look for reputable ceiling fan brands in Malaysia.

KDK ceiling fan K14Y2 comes with remote control functions so that you can control the speed, timer, and even off the fan conveniently. It is enhanced with a cut-off safety device to ensure that the electricity is being cut off for safety. And blade safety plate that ensuring the plate will not fall off the body easily. 

The design is sleek and clean with the non-visible plate holder design. It comes in 2 colors that you can match with the most color of your room – Darl Brown and White color.


  • DC (Direct Current) motor for energy saving
  • Remote control
  • 2-8 hours Sleep mode, 
  • 1-8 hours OFF and ON timer

1. Panasonic ECONAVI 4 Blades Ceiling Fan F-M14HWVBSQH

These Panasonic ceiling fans are popular because they create strong airflow and aid the circulation of cool air from the air-con system. Panasonic combines innovative technology with beautiful contemporary design. 

Its ECONOVI integrated circuit is an intelligent microprocessor that analyzes the information from the sensor and it will adjust the fan speed automatically for optimum conditions in the room. The temperature sensor will help detect the surrounding temperature around the room and sents the information to the integrated circuit. 

It is also designed with the DC motor will help energy savings. The quiet operation mode is also one of the best features that many people like because you would not want to be bothered by a noisy environment, especially during sleeping time.


  • ECONOVI integrated circuit
  • DC Motor
  • Yuragi technology
  • Enhanced safety feature
  • LCD remote control
  • 9-sequential speed control selection
  • Durable blade
  • 1-8 hours off timer
  • 2-8 hours sleep timer
  • Sleek and smooth design