Best 9 Washing Machine For Your Laundry Need

With the availability of the self-service laundry services widely available in Malaysia, is this electrical item – washing Machine necessary?

Some will ask this question as they will think it is more cost-effective to visit the self-service laundry services instead of getting one at home.

There are a few reasons why you should get one at home.

  • Convenient – you do the laundry anytime at the convenience of your own home.
  • Hygiene: Unless you are sure that the washing machine at the self-service kiosk is clean regularly; otherwise, you would not know who cleaned what inside there before you put your laundry into the washing machine.
  • Save time – The machine washes clothes by soaking, tumbling or agitating. Even in cold water, they can successfully remove daily oils such as grease, sweat and dead skin. If you spill something on your clothes or want special care, you can wash your hands in a short time.

How regularly do you need to clean the washing machine?

Monthly. The washing machine could be a breeding ground for many germs.

How long can a washing machine last?

According to Consumer Reports, it can last for about 10 years on average. If your washing machine has reached its limit or there are some problems, some signs may be ending soon.

How to identify whether or not to change a new washing machine?

The bathtub is toast.

If the washing machine leaks, there may be multiple reasons. Check the hose and make sure it is tight. Besides, when starting to load, make sure not to fill the bathtub with clothes.

If these bases are covered but the washing machine still leaks, then the bathtub may have cracks. This is an essential solution, and in most cases, buying a new one will be more cost-effective, especially when it is approaching the 11th birthday.

Funk won’t go away

Using an old front-loading washing machine, you may find it emits a particular fragrance regularly. This can cause mould or mildew inside the washing machine, resulting in odour.

If your washing machine is affected, you may need to upgrade to other equipment. However, please try cleaning techniques in the user manual to clean the washing machine before taking the following action course.

Make a lot of noise

There are many reasons why the dryer is loud. First, check to make sure the dryer is level. If it shakes when you press a corner, it means it is not horizontal. Glue something under one foot to make it flat, or if its foot is adjustable, loosen the short one to make it long enough.

If this does not work, you may need to tighten the drum or motor bracket. In this case, you need professionals. However, estimate doing any work. If repairs are expensive and your washing machine is ancient, it may make sense to replace it with a new one.

Low efficiency

The old washing machine is not as efficient as the new washing machine. For example, generally, older models do not adjust the amount of water, nor do they adjust the amount of laundry in the drum to save water.

What is the difference between the old and new models? New Energy Star-certified washing machines use about 45% less water and 25% less energy than ordinary washing machines.

What should you look into when looking for a washing machine?


Do you have a big family? The household’s size and the estimated amount of laundry play a significant role in washing machines’ demand. You can get it of various sizes. For example, one with a 6-7kg capacity is ideal for a family of four. If you have fewer people in your home, you may want a smaller machine, and if your home is more significant, instead of choosing a larger machine.


The price of the washing machine is a decisive factor in finding a suitable washing machine. Depending on your budget, the amount you can pay may also bias you towards specific machines.

Front or Top Loader

The main difference between top loaders and front loaders lies in its door’s position on the top or side, but each one has its advantages and disadvantages. Learn more about the different types of washers.

Machine Size

How much space do you have? If you can only install a washing machine in a narrow or narrow space, this may affect your decision when choosing a suitable one. For example, for a fully automatic washing machine, the top loader may be narrower than the front loader.

Environmental Friendly

Having an economical washing machine is good for the environment and can help you save money. Although the cost of washing machines may be higher initially, you may end up saving money because they can save electricity or water in the long run. Hence, its long-term running costs are much lower than those that are not environmentally friendly.

Automatic or Semi-auto

There are two variants of the washing machine-fully automatic (all operations are done for you at the touch of a button) and semi-automatic (available with two bathtubs). If a double-tub semi-automatic washing machine is used, this means that clothes may need to be moved from one tub to another during the washing process. These machines can also reduce water consumption and allow you to pause between cycles. However, if you want to wash clothes conveniently, then a fully automatic one will do everything for you.

Ease of Use

If you are buying your first washing machine or finding some aspects of having many features, you may prioritize ease of use when choosing one. Are the labels on the controls clear? Is it easy to set up programs or add detergent? When it comes to which one would be suitable for you, check to see if the one you are buying has a clear, fully functional control panel for easy use.

Child Safety or Child Lock

If you live in a house full of curious children, you may need to buy a washing machine with a child lock function. It can be on the door, or it can be a program that cannot be changed after the machine is running.


Various functions such as speed and settings depend on what you are looking for on your computer. For some people, having too many features can confuse you. Possible features include rapid cycling, specific cycling adapted to white, wool or delicates. Some ultra-modern machines even have sensors that run automatically, so you don’t have to worry about putting the correct program into use.

Laundry Needs

There are many options when buying a washing machine, but it depends on your laundry needs. However, if you choose to buy a fully automatic washing machine, it is essential to choose your washing machine’s suitable detergent. Some washing machine is suitable to be used with selected laundry detergent only. It would help if you chose and purchase one that is suitable for your laundry needs.

Best 9 Washing Machine

9. Winia Daewoo Mini Washer Dryer

Winia Daewoo mini washer dryer is the first wall-mounted washer dryer combination ever. Its simple, compact, and modern design help create exquisite interior space while saving a lot of space in your modern house. It also has a washer and dryer; you can one-time cleaning and drying laundry. If you need specific clothes, use its quick washing function to clean the clothes in 15 minutes and dry them in 59 minutes.

Besides, Winia Daewoo mini washer dryer has a baby care program, which can clean baby’s clothes perfectly. It uses 95°C water to sterilize clothes and eliminate all bacteria and allergens. For organic fabrics, start a dedicated cycle to protect your fabrics. Last but not least, this washer dryer comes with a 12-year warranty, ensuring excellent durability. Watch the video below to learn how this unique invention works!


  • Compact, mini, and modern washer dryer combo
  • Quick Wash and Quick Dry modes
  • Baby care program to sterilize your baby clothes with 95°C water
  • Exclusive cycle for organic fabrics
  • Long warranty coverage

8. LG TWINWash™ Washer Dryer

If you have a large budget and don’t mind spending money for convenience and the latest technology, LG TWINWash™ washer dryer will be a good choice. It has two washing machines, allowing you to wash clothes separately at the same time. You can use the highest load for regular laundry washing, while the mini washing machine is used to handle delicate laundry or small laundry needed quickly. Its unique design and taller top washing machine make it more ergonomic, allowing easy loading and unloading of clothes, which is ultimately beneficial to your back.

Hypoallergenic, quiet operation and intelligent diagnosis are similar to LG AI direct drive washing machine and dryer FV1450H2B. Still, it has a better 6-action direct drive (DD) technology that can achieve ultra-clean effects. The mini washing machine has 3 Motion DD and intelligent diagnosis functions, which you can operate separately. Besides, it also has a beautiful “add item” function. Even after the cycle starts, you can safely open the door so that you can insert more dirty clothes if you accidentally miss some clothes. LG TWINWash™ washer dryer also has a dryer function; check each box.


  • Two washers, main and mini washer, wash your laundry separately
  • Ergonomic design
  • TrueSteam™ for Allergy Care
  • 6 Motion DD for ultra-clean and care
  • Washer dryer combo
  • Inverter Direct Drive for quiet operation

7. Sharp ES718X Full Auto Washing Machine

Despite its affordable price, it even has a quick cleaning mode for quick cleaning. The notable feature is its fuzzy logic, which allows you to customize settings to obtain the best performance for each load. 

Another great feature is the Sharp SS photosensitive drum, which has flat holes to prevent clothes from rubbing on the photosensitive drum and damaging the fabric.


  • Quick Cleaning Mode
  • Great value 
  • Sharp SS Drum – prevent damage to clothes

6. Bosch WAT24481SG Front Load Washer

Have you ever noticed that the washing machine makes incredible noises at the end of washing? The Bosch WAT24481SG front-loading solves this problem by minimizing the noise. Combining EcoSilence Drive™ and anti-vibration sidewall technology, the drum can be tightly fixed, resulting in low noise operation as low as 49dB. Besides, this also makes it more durable than other traditional washing machines in Malaysia.

Besides, its VarioPerfect™ technology can save up to 50% of energy and reduce cleaning time by 65% because you can wash 4 kg of laundry in only 45 minutes. ActiveWater™ automatically detects the adjustment of water consumption for effective cleaning, thereby saving more water. Most importantly, its VarioDrum’sVarioDrum’s breakthrough water drop design helps to provide gentle and thorough cleaning for high-quality textiles. Combine it with a Bosch heat pump dryer to be a perfect match.


  • VarioPerfect™ reduces energy consumption and fasten cleaning time
  • ActiveWater™ for water efficiency
  • EcoSilence Drive™ and AntiVibration Side Wall for more stability and less vibration
  • VarioDrum’sVarioDrum’s makes a gentle clean for fine textiles

5. Electrolux EWF1023BDWA Washing Machine

If you are looking for a smart washing machine, then the Electrolux EWF1023BDWA is a good choice, and its price is more affordable than LG AI direct drive washing machines and dryers. It comes with SensorWash™ technology that detects dirt before cleaning to adjust the correct cycle for the best results. 

Besides, its UltraMix™ technology can ensure better color care for your clothes. After 52 washes, the color retention rate has increased by 40%. 

With Woolmark certification, you can even wash expensive wool garments on Wool Cycle with the ” hand wash only” label while still maintaining good fabric preservation! Finally, the washing machine uses EcoInverter motor, which can provide strong washing power and runs quietly while reducing energy consumption by 50%.


  • SensorWash™ automatically adjust the optimized cycle
  • UltraMix™ ensures better care on color
  • Wool Cycle to wash “handwash-only” woolen fabrics
  • Ecolnverter motor with 50% energy savings

4. Panasonic Front Load Washer NA-128XB1

If your life is busy, then Panasonic 8kg front-loading washing machine NA-128XB1 provides the ideal solution. When you need to wash clothes quickly, use its fast washing technology, which can wash dirty clothes in just 15 minutes. 

It also guarantees health and cleanliness through 2 sterilizations, including Blue Ag + cold washing to eliminate bacteria and another sterilization at 60°C/90°C to remove allergens.


  • Rapid Wash – 15 mins wash
  • Healthy cleaning with Blue Ag+ cold wash hygiene for bacteria elimination and 60˚C/90˚C hot wash hygiene for allergy care
  • 1,200 rpm

3. LG AI Direct Drive Washer & Dryer FV1450H2B

LG AI direct drive washing machine and dryer 10.5/7kg adopts impressive AI technology and stylish all-black design, which is very suitable for everyday home use. AI DD™ technology can protect your expensive fabrics well because it can provide 18% protection compared to other equivalent machines. It will automatically detect the fabric’s softness and weight and then use AI to select the best washing mode on each fabric.

The LG AI Direct driver effectively removes allergens and reduces wrinkles, but it also provides a faster and more thorough washing effect in 39 minutes through its TurboWash™ 360°. At the same time, it consumes up to 28% of energy. You can operate it remotely from anywhere because it can be connected to Wi-Fi and used with Google Assistant. Most importantly, you can save more space in a modern house because you can use it as both for washing and for drying purposes.


  • The washer-dryer combination saves your room space
  • AI DD™ technology provides 18% protection
  • Automatically optimize the washing mode by detecting the softness and weight of the fabric
  • Reduce 99.99% of allergens and bacteria
  • Save 28% energy and speed up washing time
  • It can be connected to Wi-Fi and used with Google Assistant

2. Electrolux Front Load Washing Machine EWF7525EQWA

Front-loading washing machines use less water than top-loading washing machines. The Electrolux front-loading 7.5 kg washing machine EWF7525EQWA is ahead of the front-loading washing machine. Electrolux front load is one of the most widespread washing machines in Malaysia. It uses steam care technology to make you spend less time ironing than traditional washing machines, and Wrinkles are reduced by 22%!

The capacity of 7.5 kg makes this washing machine suitable for small and medium-sized families. The convenient IQ touch panel not only makes it easy for everyone to use, but its large 3XL door also makes loading and unloading easy. Best of all, if you have a small laundry, you can use Quick 15 Cycle for 15 minutes of washing.


  • Wash load: 7.5kg
  • Vapour Care Technology for fewer wrinkles
  • User-friendly IQ Touch Panel
  • Big 3XL door easy for loading and unloading
  • Quick 15 Cycle for small load

1. LG Smart Inverter Washing Machine T2109VS2M

The LG Smart Inverter has smart technology, an excellent combination of 1200 rpm powerful speed, and excellent price; it is one of Malaysia’s best washing machines. Thanks to its smart inverter technology, high-tech thus no longer requires too much energy. This is the most energy-efficient washing machine made by LG, 36% more energy-efficient than other traditional LG washing machines.

Equipped with Smart Motion technology, it can provide better care for your clothes to put on expensive clothes with confidence. Among these three smart sports, the stirring mode is used for intensive washing, the rotating mode is used for tangling-free, and the swing mode is used for delicate washing. Besides, its TurboDrum™ will produce a powerful water flow that can remove even the most challenging dirt.

In addition to generating less noise and vibration levels, the LG Smart Inverter washing machine also has an intelligent diagnostic program that can help diagnose mechanical problems through a mobile application, thereby reducing the potential cost of service access.

If you want to use a larger capacity smart inverter washing machine, LG 15kg smart inverter and LG 18kg T2518VS2M smart inverter are good choices! Watch the video below, and you will discover why this is one of the best washing machines in Malaysia!


  • 9.0kg wash load
  • 1200 rpm
  • Smart Inverter Technology (saves up to 36% energy)
  • Smart Motion Technology (for better laundry care_
  • TurboDrum™ for a powerful wash that removes the toughest dirt
  • Punch +3 technology (for even washing result)
  • Less noise and vibration